[10 November, 2007]

The Healing Process - I

This is post number one of probably many to come, documenting my healing process in light of recent events. Recent events, which can be summed up as: 1. Jeremy unwittingly breaking my heart in a major and powerful way by choosing to stay on his path for a while, a path that didn't involve me, cold snowy winters, or the Atlantic ocean. But mainly just me. And 2. me now trying to rebuild the trust in him, in us, in our future, and all those other cliche but very real things that make a relationship work.

It starts with none other than 1 Corinthians 13, which goes something like, blah... blah... blah... Love is patient, Love in kind, blah... blah..., UNTIL it gets to verse 5: keeps no records of wrongs. Ouch indeed, I gasp. What a challenge! You mean, I can't even hold the fact that he doesn't eat cheese (yummy gooey cheese) over his head? Seriously, the world just might end.

I think the first step toward this pretty much unattainable goal will be a list. A list of all the wrongs that float in my head and all the aches that linger in my heart. And all the accusations that are often on my lips just because. Because he hurt me and he deserves the same.

Tonight though, I will burn this list and hope for at least one inch toward emotional and psychological restoration.

3 sighs or salutations:

Christy | 10 November, 2007

i love you.
you are so hot right now, fixing yourself and being all hot.

daria. | 13 November, 2007

hehe. thanks dear.
i wish fixing myself were hot and not all draining...

Jeremy | 14 November, 2007

and i love you too. and please don't hold the cheese over me.

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