[14 February, 2008]

Smell the roses

Happy One Random Over-Hyped Saint's Day.

Historically, I've always been cynical and grumpy on this day regardless of relationship status. Something about the pressures of this greeting card holiday makes my little fragile head explode. Even though I don't expect diamonds, I do still kind of want something special. And let's face it. Guys are just not very good at grand gestures. It's a little bit of a catch 22 for my boyfriends, since I am very un-festive yet I still expect festivities. I don't know. I couldn't snap out of it throughout the entire day.

Anyway. I guess in the end, it worked out. I got a rose (yes, the one rose he could afford), a wine&bread&cheese picnic in bed, and some candles. Oh, and! A song! A self-written, self-composed, and self-performed personal song. I should really learn to count my blessings.

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