[04 March, 2008]

Westward ho 2.

Well, St. Francis, here I come.

You are now looking at (or reading the words of, rather) an accepted PhD student at a cool psychology school in San Francisco. Yes, despite the lack of a suit and a pierced nose, I blew those Californians out of the water with my madd skillz.

Things here are sunny and friendly and perfect. Cali is just as chilled out and funky as you think it is. Gay people holding hands skipping down the street and all. Today, I spent the day at the Golden Gate park watching little turtles basking in the sun. There were real life calla lilies and puppies playing.

I could get used to this.

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Dawn | 30 March, 2008

Hey chica, I was thinking about you today and wandered onto your Facebook profile. Congrats on grad school! Where are you studying?

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