[12 September, 2008]


Well, here we are. Here we landed not long ago, in this foggy land surrounding the Bay. Day after day, I discover treasures of this land. The late summer here is gloomy and mysterious, but the people--strangers giving away organic chocolate on the street, commuters packed into every form of moving machinery, observers in zen coffee shops--make up for it with their vibrant spirits. Naturally, this area is soaked with eccentricities.

I am starting another great journey. Somewhere between BART stops, new exciting life is happening to me. It sweeps me off my feet as I walk up and down the hills of the city; it kisses me on the cheek with its salty breeze as I near the roaring sea lions. There is still so much to establish, to work out, and my heart is already trembling from exploration excitement.

Needless to say, this should be a good chapter.

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