[21 October, 2008]


Living is easy with eyes closed

I find myself feeling increasingly frustrated with the complacency of our generation. It's probably one of those perpetual feelings anyone in any generation feels toward their peers, but nonetheless, here it is.

We just don't seem to care much anymore. Or we care, but don't do much about it. We have become hardened by cynicism and apathy.

My advisor is that feminist from the 70s. Listening to her stories of having to fight for all that women have today is humbling and inspiring. She picketed on Capitol Hill; she wrote to the APA. She removed sexist disorders from the DSM; she made sure female psychologists received their recognition. And here I am, a future female psychologist receiving my recognition. I have the road paved for me by women like her, but will I pave it further for others? What will I have to tell my advisees?

We live in such interesting, such ebullient times. The Gay Rights movement is gaining momentum across states; we are about to elect our first non-White, (possibly) non-Christian president! Not to mention we are still fighting a pointless war! We are making and breaking history here; why can't we get passionate about it? Isn't life, isn't progress worth something to fight for?...

...said I, and rolled over to take a nap.

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