[03 November, 2008]

feminist thought of the moment

I've decided to stop shaving. Legs, armpits, and everything. I was never religious about it before, but now, this is more of a statement. I am still doing my own research into the validity of proclaiming this practice as oppressive, but until I find overwhelming evidence otherwise, I maintain that it is. To me, it's about choice, or the lack of choice that women have in this matter. Which is why this is different from the argument that men also shave, or that, women still participate in other beautifying actions like doing make-up and nails. But, from my experience, no one will stare at a bearded man or a woman with unpainted nails like they will at this circumstance. And in reality, I have not met a single woman who enjoys shaving. Who says, Huh. I have a few moments to spare... I know! Why don't I go in the bathroom and scrape my skin with a sharp razor blade! We all do it as a dreaded duty to some fabricated, and frankly sexist, standard. I feel that the choice is taken away from us, and this is just my little experiment to try and get that choice back.

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ряж(л)енка | 05 November, 2008

This reminds me of the time when I stopped plucking my eyebrows. Then I went to France and started again, because I was all beauty-\fashion-\self-conscious there : \

I do actually really like the feeling of smooth legs. And sometimes when I don't shave for a while, the hairs get caught in my socks or something and hurt! But that might just be because they are shorter than natural.

In any case, kudos. Let me know if you get any positive/negative reactions.

daria. | 06 November, 2008

yeah, it's my little rebellious experiment. i'll be sure to let you know how it pans out. ;)

and now that the hair is longer than prickly, it's actually quite soft (and for longer than just like, a day ;). once you get used to the aesthetics, it's totally fine to the touch. :)

Rachel | 09 November, 2008

i haven't shaved in months, but that's probably because i'm lazy and single.

and 'cos shaving is sexist!!!


daria. | 09 November, 2008

woo! girl power!!

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