[30 May, 2009]

happy summer

I just sent off the last e-mail pertaining to my program, which means that it's officially: SUMMER (echo echo echo....)

Of course there are still the two classes I am taking over the summer term, and there is that research proposal due in August, but I have three months to do those things, which means that I can legitimately relax for now and enjoy a few weeks off. A few weeks during which I will travel to distant lands, backpack the Sierras, join in celebrating joyous events with friends, visit family, and drink entirely too much whiskey. I am getting drunk just thinking about all the possibilities! Happy summer!

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MIT Mommy | 30 May, 2009

Enjoy! Just noticed you commenting over at Badass - thought I'd check out someone new. Have a great summer!

Badass Geek | 02 June, 2009

Sounds like an awesome summer. Hope you have a blast!

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