[05 July, 2009]

even when refusing the labels

Independent book shops, especially with used books sections, on cute streets in small American towns get me every time. My actually-no-money-in-a-quite-literal-sense self always manages to scrape together the $3 for an Oldie But Goodie. This time it was The Plague by Albert Camus. Feeling a little reluctant about the translated version and a little guilty about skipping out on the French one, I decided to dive into it anyway.

That time period, the first half of the 20th century, kind of amazes me. The amount of thought and passionate philosophies emanating from authors, teachers, leaders, people all intermixing and challenging each other is quite a contrast to our relatively quiet times. Of course, they also had wars and whatnot, and the world was changing shape, but people were reacting and writing about it! There were the nihilists, the socialists, the communists, the fascists, the existentialists all concentrating in one melting pot. Do peaceful times come with complacent citizens? Or am I, no surprise, being pessimistic about the people of today?

But basically, man, I miss Europe.

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ряж(л)енка | 06 July, 2009

I think the blogosphere is today's answer to all that writing.

daria | 06 July, 2009

heh, privet friend. :) yeah, the blogosphere contains very little greatness though, no?

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