[16 July, 2009]

sleepless (not even in Seattle)

Spending a few weeks at my mom's suburban (albeit rented) home sends me right back to adolescence. It's not that I even spent my teenage years in suburbia (some might even call where we used to live a city), it's just that there's something mercurial about this new place, and underdeveloped. Groups of restless youngsters parade the bare sidewalks from their clustered houses to the Blockbuster parking lot and back. Men in slacks dutifully mow their lawns as bored dogs circle the surroundings. I lie here awake, smelling the humid air breeze through the open window, waiting for the early morning sprinklers to kick in. And although I don't even live here, my heart is screaming for an escape.

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Anonymous | 29 July, 2009

sigh. the only thing sparing me from this suburban vacation (if one could call it such) are 2 cats who have boundless energy except when they rest by the window looking out into the great world beyond. it shall be nice to return to our coastal home.

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