[10 October, 2010]

you know how they say, time is money

One thing that really blows about being a graduate student (or I guess, any very busy person working for non-profits, meaning that I am really looking at my whole future here) is that I am always pressed for time and money. And those two seem like the most important and inversely-related things to get me through. I am constantly choosing between spending precious time on something to save money or am essentially buying my time in other situations.

It's an everyday struggle: do I spend an hour of the 3 hours I spend at home in the evenings before passing out preparing a lunch or do I just cave and buy it tomorrow? Do I spend 30 minutes walking from campus to BART or do I pay for the bus pass that will get me there in 10 minutes? And the latest: do I become another casualty of the corporate machine and buy an iPhone so that I can work on my long-ass commutes instead of spending 2 hours at night going through emails?

In truth, I love being busy and I really believe in the work that I am being trained to do. But this type of lifestyle makes me uncomfortable. I only hope that my schedule will slow down a bit after I graduate, and maybe I'll be able to get back to my usual living-in-the-moment roses-smelling self.

Because this person running from the train to the bus with her nose in some internet-enabled device while chewing down some sandwich and sipping on disposable coffee is simply not me. And that is hard to reconcile.

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