[05 January, 2012]

knock knock

Is blogging obsolete at this point? Have people ventured over to the multitude of social networking sites, leaving this one-sidedness behind? Or maybe it's just me: I've been feeling sad, stressed, and uninspired lately. So there is hardly a point to come here and hardly a thought I want to express...

But it's the new year already, and people all over the place are promising to improve and stick to their resolutions. I'm not a fan of resolutions, personally. I already function under so many goals and deadlines, evaluations and expectations for growth that when I sit with myself, I really just want to be ok with who and where and how I am. That's hard. I think if I were to put a finger on any one "goal" it would be to meditate more, to get to know pieces of myself that I don't usually engage in daily life. I'd like to be more physical, not for the sake of appearance, but to use my body more than I have been. I love yoga, I love hiking, I love swimming and biking, so I hope that my life in 2012 would involve more of those things on a weekly basis.

People generally seem optimistic at the start of the year, and I guess this year has a lot in store for me. I need to get grounded; I need to get well. I'm ready.

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