[09 May, 2012]

surviving the flames

Remember that time I decided it would be a wonderfully stimulating adventure to go to grad school? That time when I didn't realize that grad school = professional hazing where they make you jump through flaming hoops to advance from level to level until you are deemed worthy enough of holding a title that's supposed to mean something? Luckily, I'm not the only one sitting with these feelings, and others have even written about the experience:

  26 Fun Facts About Grad School « Thought Catalog

Right now I am living in a world of #16, #17, #22, and #24. This week though is a bit of a lull (read: tonight I only need to add another preliminary analysis to my dissertation proposal before sending out to my committee, write a few essays for a scholarship application, and finish updating my CV; see #16 above) before the giant storm (oral proposal for said dissertation, oral clinical competency exam) that will be the end of this month.

So tonight, as I wasted some time and thought about the ridiculousness of this grad school circus, I decided that hey, while doing all those dog-and-pony shows over the years, I may have even learned something! Here are a few of those things:
  • How to say no
  • How to say yes
  • How to ask for what I need
  • How to manage my time
  • How to have fun on a budget 
  • That public speaking and group/team work are not my strengths
  • That individual interactions, deep critical thinking, and writing are my strengths
  • To go between my Russian and US identities more fluidly
  • How to delegate tasks and manage the work of others
  • That I am good at statistics and ok at math in general
  • How to talk about my interests in an engaging manner
  • That, despite the debt, I have many more career options than I realized
  • That I can persevere, even under a lot of criticism and with few rewards
  • How to call out microaggressions
  • How to stop apologizing for having a voice
  • Enough to understand and find this blog funny

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