[30 October, 2007]

Just a night

Stop Raping Children

(insert picture that never happened, here. (sneaky protective rights))

Last night was a long night of feminist activism. I honestly thought that after 8.5 straight hours of work, 1.5 hrs of group and god knows how long at the talk I knew nothing about, I would be just about ready to shoot myself in the face. Little did I know about the energy that it would reestablish within me, the revitalization that I would suddenly feel about so many things I hold dear to my heart.

The aforementioned talk featured Angela Shelton, a charismatic filmmaker and aspiring comedienne, who sure did put all sorts of thoughts in my head. She is determined to change our society's outlook on domestic violence and you know, other happy issues like, child abuse, rape, sexual assault, pornography, sex trafficking, and the like. It was actually a pretty inspiring experience. Made you want to jump up and, after throwing up in your mouth a little bit, go hug all those abused women, men, and children.

You Are Athena

She used the goddess metaphor to bring up girls' self-esteem and rebuild their confidence. My first instinct, of course, was to snarl at that image... I mean, really? A goddess? I'm no Athena, that's for sure. But the more I thought about it, the more I loved that idea. Me - a goddess. I can be a Venus. I can do this. All I need now is a sword. A peace sword, of course.

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