[16 November, 2007]


To make myself feel a little bit better about life (and by life, i mean, working with passive-aggressive women, reprimands in front of my boss, anticipated future rejections from grad school, lack of responses from my recommenders, unfinished personal statements, and general loneliness), I decided to seek inspiration from this piece. Except instead of "ways to say I Love You", it's "my reasons to love Jeremy". And instead of 100, I'm copping out at 8 (which may move up to 10 in the near future). Sappy and sad, I know, but what can you do.

1. It was one of those awful days at work where, with every email from my big boss and every prying question from my little boss, I got closer and closer to sticking a fork in my eye. I couldn't call Jeremy, of course, because this was a night like any other weeknight, when he is out saving the world. Still, I sent him a whiny text message, expecting absolutely nothing. What I got in return, however, was a phone call from him, ducking away inconspicuously, just to tell me that everything was going to be ok. And with him there, it always is.

2. He grew up in rural Nevada, watching cows roaming freely at the foot of the snowcapped mountain range, breathing fresh alpine air, and squinting at the beaming sun unobstructed by deciduous trees. It required driving from valley to summit to valley again just to arrive at a summer job, visit a mall, or hang out with friends. Ann Arbor was the most urban environment he was willing to adjust to at the time. For three years leading up to graduation, I looked at him longingly and breathed dreams of future cityscapes into his ear. Something clicked, and now, he calls me while rushing on the streets of DC just to say he looks forward to crowds, and brick buildings, and holding my hand in the most courageous step toward metropolitan living.

3. From 2004 until 2005, I was getting spoiled by the vibrancy of mediterranean France. It was a good time of learning about Descartes, trying new cheeses, and avoiding getting pooped on by the ever-present pigeons, but it was not without nostalgia. The dear letters, cards, and poems I received from him kept my head from exploding into a million multicultural pieces. With his help, I came home safely and enriched, sane and happy.

4. He agrees to watch "Mean Girls", when I am just not in the mood for "Gladiator".

5. Right before I left for distant lands, he gave me a mixed CD with this song on it. It continues to get me through all sorts of gloomy weather to this day.

(Unfortunately, this band does not have music videos, so all you get is a crappily recorded live version. Sorry.)

6. For whatever reason, I enjoy soaking my hands in the warm running water and mindlessly scrubbing soap into the delicate porcelain. Cooking, on the other hand, often produces in me an urge to stick my head in the oven. Keep that casserole company. I never have the energy to even THINK about food, let alone figure out a way to make it edible. And not just for tonight, but also for tomorrow's lunch? Forget it. He, however, it much more skilled at combining ingredients, chopping, and frying, and making sure I am fed and satisfied. Both at night and in the middle of the workday.

7. A year and a half after I have already graduated, they tell me I can't order my transcripts because of a financial hold from the library. Apparently, it took them that long to figure out that sometime, when that annoying Usher song was still popular, I forgot to return two books. Two books which together cost no more than $40, and for which, they are now charging me $300. He senses the desperation in my voice and offers to pay half of it. He actually gives up $150 more than he has, so I can get into grad school and move with him to San Fransisco.

8. Unless I am purposefully procrastinating, vacuuming the hairy bathroom floor is the last thing on my mind when my whole future depends solely on whether I succeed at explaining my to-date scholastic and professional accomplishments in 12000 characters or less. He gently offers, and with absolutely no sour face about it, vacuums the entire bathroom, kitchen, and hallways.

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