[23 January, 2008]

"Lost" brought on too many Locke references

I promise, there will be no more of my crazy existential crap. For a little while, at least.

Now that I no longer bash my face against the keyboard nightly trying to pull valid career goals out of my ass, I have all this time after work to do anything, anything I want. I can actually catch up on all those re-runs of America's Next Top Model, or learn to make origami frogs that bounce! But seriously, I am really excited to read books again. Books with interesting plots, and character development, and imagery. Fancy that!

Jeremy has also been stepping up to the plate lately, which kind of makes me tingle inside. He is proactive about finding a less-crappy job; he lets me know of the things he needs to get done this weekend; he is excited about and involved with the wedding planning?! Oh, the little things that make silly girls proud, and maybe even a little horny.

My mom, on the other hand... God, are we the same blood? Do I hear we share some genes? No way! It makes me really uncomfortable to say this, but, I feel that most of my accomplishments in life I achieved in spite of her, and not because of her. Sure, she has done a sacrificial thing or two, what with bringing me to America and establishing a better quality of life for us. And for that I am truly thankful. But so many of the issues that linger in my head have her voice. I know this is not abnormal or uncommon, but it is yet another reason on my selfish-mid-20s mental list of Ethical Reasons Not To EVER Procreate.

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