[01 February, 2008]


Another interesting creative project: describing relationships in 3 sentences. I will probably keep adding to this; maybe when it's not several hours past my brain-resting time. Also, I gave in to my pathology, and tried to arrange these somewhat chronologically:

It was a helter-skelter relationship from the start. You told me how scared you were when the nurse couldn't find a heartbeat. Do you still care about that heartbeat even now?

You are in none of my yearbooks. You are in none of my routines. You are in all of my conversations.

We giggled in the backseat of the car as we shared punk music through one earphone. You had a mohawk and I painted my nails black. We were really just kids.

You were only trying to live an honest, though twisted, life. But the deceit, it only escalated. I hope you can still be happy.

It took us a while to finally have a meaningful interaction. I instantly loved your mind, your insight, and your passion. Really, I loved every little piece of you.

Trying that mushroom soup was a bold move, considering you only ate cereal and toast then. And learning that little bit of Russian to speak with my family: precious. Now you'll be part of the family.

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