[02 April, 2008]

Chicks before

Променяли меня. И всего-навсего на a big, fat, red one.

But. Life goes on.

Like the fact that March is out like the proverbial lamb and we are into April. Already!? This year's lamb resembled more a stray dog. The tail end of March was anxious, skiddish, and angry. The wind chills brought the temperature down below comfort level and the skies could not make up their minds: were they scolding, were they crying? April hasn't been much better so far, but at least I am hoping for those May flowers.

Today, Jeremy and I bought our tickets to my homeland. For two weeks, in July. I am trying not to focus on the fact that this is the last time I will be able to afford to go until I am done with grad school, at least. So I keep feeding myself Snickers minibars from Easter.

And no, he may not be taking adult education lessons to learn Russian. That is what I call, keeping his and my identities as separate entities. He is sufficiently interested in and involved with my family and culture, and I appreciate that. I like that he is open-minded and curious, and I like that he leaves my sphere for me, to some extent. I think it yields a committed and stable relationship. At least until I see him haphazardly stick those stamps on the invitations. Without eye-balling the top and right margins to make sure they match!

I guess I'll let him make it up to me by taking me to see baby harbor seals. Playing with baby beluga whales.

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