[03 April, 2008]

some sort of rebellion

Yes, I take the full hour for lunch, so sue me. I am entitled to it and I will use it to its last minute of freedom. Pardon me if I don't eat at my desk, crumbs falling between keyboard keys, while editing all those prosody responses. I dutifully give you eight of the 15 hours I am awake, work. The least you can do is allow me this one hour to meet with friends, to see the sunshine, to try different foods. To live just a little bit in my mundane computer screen staring work day. Because, before we know it, we will all end up in a project like this. We will end up with a terminal disease before the chance to enjoy our retirement or self-sacrificing to take care of a child with disabilities, longing for our careless youth. So, please, work, let me carpe diem while I can still afford the luxury.

I am not lazy, but I don't think I'll ever be a workaholic. I guess that's the European in me.

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Christy | 04 April, 2008

i don't leave the water running when i brush my teeth.
and i drink coffee, from my travel mug, which is the same as water from a nalgene bottle, just no cancer.
and...i don't use dixie cups, i use my hands to get a drink after i brush my teeth.
and..i must say, showering with a boy/girl friend does wonders for the watershed.
but i don't shop with a canvas tote...but i do recycle all my plastic and paper shopping bags!! i do, i take them in a big bundle to the recycle center along with all my other stuff once every two months, or whenever the pile gets unmanageable.
but thank you for the tips ;)

daria. | 05 April, 2008

btw, did you look at the links in this post? that project? you might like it... haunting, beautiful and v. haunting...

Christy | 05 April, 2008

*bobs head to brazilian music*
i have a whole system where i use the bags to separate all my recyclables, and then i get to the drop off place, empty the bags in their little bins, and then throw the plastic bags in their bin.
those days, i feel very good about myself.
i refuse to ration myself to 4 squares of tp if i need more. :( sounds unsanitary. i just try to buy tp that's 1 ply so i don't waste too much.
yay, environment. :)

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