[21 April, 2008]


Last night, J and I figured out part of the mystery that is Elsie.

In the last few months, my car has been lovingly christened Elsie, after the jumpy cow-character in Maureen's song from the musical Rent. My car too has had this jumpiness problem ('maybe it's a female thing?'). Every time I pushed the gas pedal, Elsie would hesitate for a few seconds roaring, then leap forward unexpectedly. It had been this annoying thing for a while, but not severe enough to seek help. Lately though, the unexpected jumps escalated to the point of spilling drinks in the cup holder and scattering tape cases from underneath the radio. I complained to J and asked him to just please! check Elsie out. Turns out? she, like Elsie-the-cow, was parched. All I had to do was top off the oil, and she is running as smooth as butta.

Now Elsie is all lubed up and ready to jump over the moooooooo-ooon.

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Jeremy | 24 April, 2008

yay. we fixed elsa :)
i'm so glad she can now jump over the moon, but without that actually jumpiness :)

Christy | 28 April, 2008

aww, Elsa.
I'm glad you figured her out. My car rattles and squeals sometimes, like a guinea pig that just got bitten by another guinea pig not-so-friendly-friend.
I think it's not parched, like Elsa, but needs a new belt.
Winston is my car's name.
He's kind of asexual. No real gender, and no real chance of getting any.

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