[22 April, 2008]

Happy Earth Day!

We've come a long long way together,
Through the hard times and the good,
I have to celebrate you baby,
I have to praise you like I should

A whole day for our wonderful, life-giving, air-circulating, nutriens-providing, beautiful beautiful planet. Go Earth!

In her honor, I decided to put together some resources. Just some things (mostly for me) to keep in mind, in order to help keep Mother Earth healthy and well.

Here's to you, sista!

Green cleaning: I've always been uncomfortable slathering chemicals all over every surface of the house, where we eat, where we sleep, where we breathe. Turns out, you don't need any of those poisons, because the answer to killing bacteria the natural way is so simple: vinegar! Dilute some in a spray bottle and disinfect without destroying everything around you. And you know what else? Turns out, Tom's of Maine is a great company to support for your toiletry supplies. They use wind energy in the factories, their containers are recyclable, and they support environmental projects. What a perfect way to blow our dear planet some kisses!

Green eating: For all those also concerned with the ways in which we poison Mother Earth's crop-gifts to us. It is really a shame and makes no nutritional sense, so please support your local markets and organically produced items. Apparently, there are even ways to do this economically.

Green dressing: Partly a problem with what we do to our dear planet, and partly what we do to ourselves. All the clothes we have in the countless shops, stores, malls are using up precious recourses. And I think, if we only recycled some of those materials, it might be like a tiny bandaid on M.E.'s wound. I also always feel uneasy seeing that all clothing are made abroad, so I'd like to come up with some way to alleviate this situation and help local craftsmen (making quality attire was once a craft. go figure). There is one store, Ten Thousand Villages, I found here in New Haven that provides fair trade opportunities to artisans in developing countries. I hope things like this will only continue to prosper and hopefully warm Her weeping heart (but not enough to melt the polar bears).

Good planets
, as they say, are hard to find.

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Christy | 04 May, 2008

hey, we have a Ten Thousand Villages store in Ann Arbor too! I love that place!!!
rock on, Mother Earth!

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