[09 April, 2008]


I am copping out at 3 stanzas on this sestina instead of six. Maybe I should even call this a tritina? You have to be proud of all this iambic pentameter though, no?

Anyway, sestinas were invented by Proven├žal troubadours, and considering my proclivity toward both Southern France and folk art, I thought this would be fitting and fun to try. So here is my stub of a poem:


I leave the rainy clouds and see the sun,
The rays reflecting bright on the Pacific.
The sparkles shine and play and bring me hope
That once I take this step I will show love
And my commitment spanning coast to coast,
A start of something new in grace and peace.

Eyes closed, the focus on our future peace,
I trade the subway stops for constant sun,
The chilly crowds for surfers of the coast
And walks along the shores of the Pacific
Where we can bask in our undying love
Where we can whisper to each other hope.

It's something to hold on to, this new hope.
It's something that at night will brings me peace
And further strengthen both my choice and love
For this new life under the western sun,
For these new salty waves of the Pacific,
Where we will be together on the coast.

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