[08 April, 2008]


The worst part about my Yoga class is how ashamed I feel when my legs go up to the ceiling in some fancy posture, but the pantlegs go down down down, revealing my winter-hairy legs. In those instances, I generally plop out of the aforementioned fancy posture, pulling those pantlegs back over my symbols of deep inner shame, preferably even tucking them into my socks. Which, who wears socks to Yoga, seriously? [Note here that having to do this still has not established for me a routine of winter shaving. Logic?]

This is all so disappointing though. Where is my feminist pride? Where are my ideals? I am totally giving in to the mass movement of turning women into unnaturally bare little things, and I am being such a chicken about speaking up. I so wish I had the courage for social change in this area, and I secretly admire women who do. Plus, think of how much they save on razors, shaving cream, body lotion, and water!

And now, I feel like a huge tool, having this multi-part extravaganza of shaving at midnight for my gynecologist appointment tomorrow.

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Anonymous | 07 November, 2008

...well, as a lover of hairy legs on women, you shouldn't feel inner shame; think of it as your making the hirsute men of the world happy! ;)


daria. | 07 November, 2008

thanks for the encouragement, Paul. it's good to know that there are non-bareness-loving men out there! luckily, not even a year later, i'm trying this little experiment:

Chris Hall | 06 February, 2009

I found this out of date entry somewhat at random, but let me say from a guy perspective that you should not worry about hairy legs, ever. My wife, who I completely adore, and who I think is the most gorgeous woman on the planet, has not shaved either legs or pits since 1992. I not only don't mind . . . When it comes to her in particular, I think that natural body hair is incredibly sexy, and more important, it is soft and it feels good, where stubble does not. My wife is Portuguese, and the hair in question is quite dark and quite robust, but it is all part of her, and she is perfect. I have never understood why some people think that a feature that all women naturally have could ever be construed as un-feminine. I have also never understood how it is that supposedly straight men so often find such details of the female form disturbing or unattractive. That which women are is by definiton feminine. I love women (one in particular), ergo I find that which is feminine fundamentally attractive. Rock on with your winter legs, sister.

daria. | 09 February, 2009

Chris, thank you for your input! The world seriously needs more guys like you speaking up; otherwise girls will continue their guilt-ridden lives thinking that men want the pre-pubescent look. Now, they've even fooled themselves into thinking that they LIKE the bareness. We all probably could benefit from some olden-times therapy. Including going back to horseback, while we're at it.

Anonymous | 05 May, 2009

Just want to say that this man in New York is a fan of hairy legs and I enjoyed your photo. Thank you for sharing.

daria | 12 May, 2009

And thank you for supporting hairy legs! :) Who knew so many men actually like it?

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