[31 May, 2008]

Lasts - 1

In college, the end of senior year seemed like one of the biggest ends to a great chapter in life. It was, but little did I know of the next many life transitions to come and go. I counted my lasts then, tearfully spoke my good-byes, and tried to memorize the scents and sounds of spring Ann Arbor streets to take with me wherever I went next.

There was something melodramatic about the end of college, about the end of that carefree and youthful lifestyle. But even now, I find myself stumbling upon some lasts that will mark the end of my post-baccalaureate East Coast existence. Yesterday, I returned my parking key card which means no more driving from the Beach House, which means, no more Beach House and one step closer to leaving New Haven. Yesterday was also the last shower at the Beach House, and the last night of comforting sleep. Today was the last serene breakfast to the calm crashing sounds of Long Island Sound waves.

This isn't a total end yet, but it is a beginning of an inevitable end to another era.

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