[26 June, 2008]

Lasts - 2

I am all alone at work now. All alone because my commiserating friends are officially gone, and now I am left to miserate about this heartless academic abyss without the com-. This feels like everyone has graduated with their shiny diplomas, but I have to take an extra semester. The three-week countdown has definitely started.

I have a pretty bad case of workaritis; I just don't seem to care much about most of the things I'm supposed to care about. My replacement follows me around day after day, diligently scribbling notes about all the logistical details I keep spewing left and right. It's a good feeling of responsibility displacement. Plus, it's summer, which means that everyone's work ethic decreases by 30%, at least.

I probably should be spending this time honeymooning at the beach, but then again. Money only grows out of seashells in my dreams. Just kidding. In my dreams, money IS the seashells. And weapons are butterflies. And everyone emits rainbow auras of love and peace.

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