[10 November, 2008]

Please excuse me while I continue to dwell

Because America can haz change:

Except California, to which I say:

As have others who are Letting Freedom Ring here and here. And you should too.

4 sighs or salutations:

Ms. R | 12 November, 2008

I have begun seeing this all over the place and I love it!

smb. | 12 November, 2008

re: i'm glad i could be of some inspiration to someone! :)

dancing nancy. | 13 November, 2008

i've actually gotten around to reading a little this time. and yes, i agree. some of my other blogger friends are heartbroken over this. no excuse for the intolerance, it pisses me off.

hi. :)

Rebecca | 17 November, 2008

Thanks for stopping by my blog. I hope you enjoyed your visit!

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