[23 January, 2009]

dusting off

In light of the post-holiday season of trying to shed some of that cheese-and-cookies-induced extra pudginess, I thought it would be important to set a goal:

Or at least (and by at least, I don't mean that it's any less professional or arduous, but that it involves less splits in the air, know what I mean?):

Sigh. Not that I was ever a great dancer, but I had passion and I loved doing it. Sure, my body is about as elastic as a ruler, but I have rhythm, I can memorize a routine, and I'd like to think that I can make it work, too. When I dance, all my stage fright disappears, my body blends with the music through fluid movement, and I feel a part of something greater than myself. Needless to say, I'd like to feel that creative energy move through my body. I'd like to dance again.

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