[09 February, 2009]

no more tears

Homeless people with animals get me every time.

I guess it's because I somehow view these animals as helpless, vulnerable, victims in a shitty situation they cannot change. It seems that the human can decide to utilize resources, seek help, act to improve the circumstances. They, more than the animal, could be in control. Where, in reality, animals, the intrinsically wild and self-sufficient beings that they are, probably feel much less despair than their owners, who on a daily basis long for social interconnectedness, stability, and are probably dealing with things like street abuse and feelings of failed expectations, loss, and grief.

Either way, it's a less-than-ideal predicament, no matter the species, that I think is worth our money, attention, and efforts. It breaks my heart to see how many beings permanently live this way in and around the city, and I am thankful for all those who have dedicated their careers to improving these conditions. It may be one of those seemingly endless fights, but it's encouraging to know that others care and love. And with those two, anything is possible.

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Kim | 13 February, 2009

I also feel horrible for homeless animals. I think it's a mixture of the fact that they can't help themselves and that animals never have done anything to wrong anybody.

daria. | 16 February, 2009

it's a sad sight, for sure.

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