[21 March, 2009]

the ABCs of a week off

a. Being on break is pretty awesome. I love being fed by others, watching CSI on other people's TiVo, going to casino shows that other people pay for, and just in general relaxing without many worries.

b. Northern Nevada is pretty f'in rural. Which is also pretty f'in awesome. You can see past essentially any house and see cows a'grazin and hills (and by hills, I mean the Sierras. But then again, when they sang "the hills are alive", they meant the Alps. So I guess it's all relative) a'rollin. Besides, it's calving season, so there are little moo-cows running around everywhere. It's the cutest thing you've ever seen and it'll make you appreciate life miracles and the beauty of nature in all of their glory.

c. I love feeling my kitty's furry body in my arms (and her tiny face purring in my cheek) as if she were my child. I mean, the human vaginally-born kind. I miss her when I'm away and I can't wait to get home to hear her adorable meows.

Ok, that's all I got for now. You?

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Badass Geek | 24 March, 2009

I miss watching reruns of CSI. I'm too cheap to buy the DVD's.

daria | 30 March, 2009

You can watch for free online! This is totally what I do, when not using other people's TiVo. has the latest episodes, but then there's also, though those sometimes get taken down for infringement... DVDs of anything are way too expensive, psht.

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