[10 March, 2009]


As we gathered into a passionate crowd at Castro and marched down Market toward City Hall, the significance and historical implications of this event began to sink in. We walked in the footsteps of Harvey Milk, in the streets he protected from injustice some years ago. We were continuing his fight for equality; we were uniting with one purpose; we were part of something much greater than ourselves. Just as we look at the past in disbelief that people of different races could not legally marry, our children will look at this time and think the same about sexual orientation.

This truly is the civil rights movement of our generation.



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Badass Geek | 13 March, 2009

There will always be a struggle for those who aren't understood or accepted. Thank God for those willing to make a stand.

I wonder if the person holding the "I Do" sign on the bottom left knows he/she is holding it upside down.

daria | 13 March, 2009

We may never reach a world in which every group is completely happy, but it's still good to know that people are willing to fight for at least that chance, I think. And yeah, I thought the upside down sign was funny too. And that is how history will remember this. :)

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