[09 May, 2009]


I am grumpy from studying multivariate statistics all day and frustrated from writing a proposal on an exhaustive impossible topic all night, and look!, it's May already and when did this happen? I haven't been sleeping a whole lot and my brain is exploding with all sorts of delirious information, but hey, in just about a month I will be one year closer to becoming a doctor of psychos. And then you better beware, because I will be able to read your soul.

I guess things are finally starting to take shape and become more hopeful. I know now that come September, I will be empowering adolescent girls not to commit suicide or working through the grief of those who have witnessed a suicide or homicide. In any case, it should be pretty exciting, albeit terrifying.

We are also this close to buying tickets for all of the summer traveling that will be going down in the next few months. I am determined to meet my New Year's Resolution and am so glad that we are making it happen. Even if this involves spending a lifetime two months in a place to which I vowed never to return...

Ok, Ann Arbor is not all bad. It has its perks and its eccentricities. In fact, most people who have ever lived there have loved it, so you will likely hear great things about this ex-hippie place. It's just that I spent there my awkward adolescence as the foreign kid from a broken family and now whenever I go back, I regress and end up smoking pot on the hood of a car atop a parking garage. And that is just no way for an adult to behave, is it?

The mood and shape of my forthcoming summer down memory lane became all the more apparent when we spent date night watching Adventureland. It may not be the most profound movie and some might not get it at all, but we left the theater on the warm spring night knowing exactly the confusing taste of youthful carelessness. When great music and sleepless nights with wonderful people add just that bit of meaning to life.

Actually, maybe, these next summer months will blow my mind after all.

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Badass Geek | 12 May, 2009

So, Adventureland was decent?

daria | 12 May, 2009

Well, like I said, it's not for everyone. But it spoke to us, as the audience, because we could pretty much relate to every character and every dilemma. Plus, the music was great and reminiscent of the good old days. So, i dunno. Judge for yourself. I'll probably be watching it again this summer with some high school friends so we can reminisce some more.

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