[21 December, 2009]

life is a box of chocolates

Why hello there December, being more than halfway through and everything. And what happened to your friend, November?? I will never really understand. Oh and how am I, you ask? Well...

Actually, this semester really kicked my ass. It was very hard and I am still recovering. I feel silly, really, for feeling this exhausted; it's not like I birthed a baby (though, remember the parenting-grad school analogy?) or built myself a house from scratch or survived some terrible tragedy (not that tragedies can ever be un-terrible, but I guess the extra verbiage's supposed to add to the effect). All I did was move up to year 2 of my schooling; something every graduated student before me has also done, with grace. But I guess I also took on many projects in areas that I have never really dabbled into before. That part was hard.

I need to sit down one day and write about my experience this semester; how it ate me alive. And only left my feet. But it's kinda hard when this

is the scene on and around my keyboard and computer screen. Ella says hi.

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