[06 May, 2010]

an ironic image

As part of my practicum, I work at a large, confusing inner-city high school that's located in a primarily Mexican-American neighborhood. About two blocks from the school, there is an absolutely giant Catholic church with typical Spanish architecture and a big lawn. I know that many people in that community attend the church, at least out of tradition. My students generally think it's too conservative, but they still go with their families, every Sunday.

The other day, as I was passing it on my way to the school, I spotted an enormous sign in the front lawn of the church. I mean, this sign was huge, wooden, hosted on large wooden posts the size of tree trunks. It was a sign about teen pregnancy. The clipart of the girl holding her baby even looked a little like Madonna and Child.

This is probably a good thing, that the church is willing to talk about this issue, rather than shunning it. And if I had read the sign closer, it probably would've had a pro-life spin on it. Like, we know you're a pregnant teen; just come to our church and we can help! But in the moment on my way to work, it seemed like the perfect imagine to describe my experience there: poor Mexican neighborhood, conservative Catholic church, giant teen pregnancy sign.

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