[12 May, 2010]

a striking image

I also see a client at the agency itself. This is a younger woman who, like most of us, has a chaotic family that often drives her nuts. So her family was coming into town that weekend after our scheduled session, and she confessed her gratitude that she'd be able to see me before they all came. "I knew I needed to see my therapist before the weekend of family," she said to me.

Eek! You guys (and girls), I am now that therapist who people need to/want to see in difficult times. Yikes! But also, what a validation of my work! Of course, as therapists we have to remain somewhat skeptical or cautious of the true meanings of such statements... but I gave myself an internal high-five anyway. Because this is just such a striking contrast to those times in the beginning, when I used to go home and cry after sessions, feeling like I couldn't really help anyone.

And I mean, I still can't really help anyone; people have to ultimately help themselves. But hopefully, my presence, my support, and the bit of my expertise makes it just a little easier.

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Susan | 15 May, 2010

A good pair of ears at the right time is the best help!

daria | 16 May, 2010

It's true, we are only essentially pairs of unbiased and unconditional ears. And if people truly saw and experienced the value in that, maybe we wouldn't have such a stigma around therapy!

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