[15 November, 2010]


What a melancholy night.

That 10pm coffee didn't help. The chat with my friend didn't either. At 2am, I am still exhausted, I am still agitated, I still feel my heart sinking low.

The funny thing is that I can be an optimist, I can be a romantic. I, too, love long walks on the beach and hikes to the mountain tops. Many things, both abstract and concrete, give me purpose and enthusiasm for the world. But this life of mine right now seems to exist just to break my bones.

With every unachievable demand that I am expected to fail, I can see myself growing, but when will I stop moving upward or sideways and simply just be? When will the world stop moving forward or around and put us at ease?

I miss people for unexplainable reasons.

What was the point of this post?

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