[07 March, 2015]

turn on, tune in, and drop out

Every parent has their own parenting trip: The part of their approach to parenting that is beyond a set of beliefs and standards. To talk them out of it would be like telling someone to stop tripping on mushrooms. Why would you waste your time like that?
I just love this description of parenting as a prolonged acid trip. Because yes, yes, and yes: you don't know how the trip will go, how long it will last, what types of experiences you will encounter during it. Every trip is different, every drug that gives you a trip acts a bit differently, every person reacts to every drug and every trip in their own unique way. No matter how much you prepare or think you know or ask for advice, the trip will mostly likely be something visceral and personal, based on your past, incorporating the present, and changing everything you thought about life.

Full disclosure: I have never actually done psychedelics, but the metaphor still makes perfect sense. So the next time I feel a tacit urge to judge a parent, I'll have to remember: we all just be trippin' here.

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