[01 December, 2008]

Moving on

Wow. I just reread yesterday's bout of depressive craziness, and yeah...


I am leaving it up, because, well, where else would I be able to whine and complain if not on my own personal blog? So it stays. If for nothing else, then for history's sake.


Now, let's talk about something far more benign and neutral: seasonal fruit!

First up is the much-loved pomegranate.

Mmm. Have you noticed how popular it's become lately in indie circles? Or has it always been that way? I don't know. I just know my mom used to make me eat pomegranates as a anemic sickly child for their nutrients. They must've been brought up from the warm lands of Georgia and Armenia to frozen St. Petersburg. That was one of the perks of the Soviet Union. Also, isn't it strange that we eat this fruit's seeds. And that it has essentially no flesh. Is there even another fruit that is consumed solely for its seeds? I can't think of any. I am trying to find out which other animals use pomegranates as part of their diets, and if so, how they go about eating them. Bash them open? Poke a beak through their hard shell? Or gnaw it off? It is unclear.

Up next are persimmons (though technically berries), in all their sweet juicy tart fleshy goodness. Who can resist a nice ripe persimmon on a cool wintery day? Luckily, persimmon trees grow in northern California, along with oranges, tangerines, and lemons. Here, there is always vitamin C in your diet.

Also, I thought I'd make a pitch here for the avocado: pretty much the best fruit (also technically a berry) EVARR! Eat with them lemon juice, salt, peppers, tomatoes, sour cream, or sugar, or in a smoothie. Yummy!

Now that I've made myself sufficiently hungry for one of my favorite food groups, you tell me: what's your favorite fruit or seasonal food?

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Rachel | 03 December, 2008

i love persimmons! my mom just gave me a whole bunch for the hell of it. i didn't realize they were seasonal. i like that they're not too sweet or too juicy (i.e., squirting you in the face (that's what she said)).

daria. | 08 December, 2008

yeah, i've always been under the impression that they're seasonal because they always pop up around this time of year...

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