[14 October, 2009]

running and running

Uff, so obviously the previous post was written in the middle of a sleep-deprived stress-filled night, and freakouts just happen in circumstances such as that. But I'm going to keep it up, because it kind of reminds me of what I'm like, what I think and feel, when I am uninhibited. I spend so much time during the day holding my shit together, both for myself and for other people, but the defenses, they have to come down eventually. Which is when you really see what is going on. And that is what therapy is all about.

Speaking of which, I've spent a few weeks now answering crisis calls on a hotline for some surrounding counties. I can't get into too much detail about it here for various confidentiality reasons, but let me just tell you, the 4-hr shift goes by in a blink of an eye. The stories we hear really normalize all these experiences we think are pretty crazy. Life is complex, and all sorts of things happen to all sorts of people. I know we are there to ground our callers, but sometimes it's the callers who ground me.

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Badass Geek | 15 October, 2009

Isn't it strange, that by helping others we sometimes help ourselves?

ряж(л)енка | 15 October, 2009

(hey, the posting is working again! weird.) interesting observation - i love the last sentence.

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